Vice President

Owner of a small local contracting business, family man with beautiful wife and three daughters, 4 time U.S. Air Guitar Mid Atlantic Regional Champion, Founder of RatCon. I am very active in the community and developed the first Talent Show for our local Elementary school. I love to volunteer my services for our neighborhood and volunteer at our schools whenever possible. The love for my favorite band Rush started in 1976 and during a 20 year period from 1987-2007, I enjoyed their music literally on my own. The power of social media, starting with, allowed me to find folks who loved Rush as much as I did.  When we scheduled our first RatCon in 2009, my ultimate dream was to create a family of people who cared about each other while celebrating the music we all loved. To date we have accomplished just that with a incredible group of fans who feel that love and care for each other immensely. Our future goals, already jump started with that passionate caring for each other and our favorite band, will take everything to the next level by providing help to the fine people of this every growing family.