Gifts of Life

Overtime Angels has provided financial assistance to the following:
  • A husband and father of a family who had been diagnosed with third stage lymphoma. They had no insurance, little to no financial support and a 3-year-old daughter. To date, this individual’s cancer is in remission and he is back to work supporting his wife and daughter.
  • A wife and mother who suffered from pancreatic cancer which had also spread to her lungs and liver.  Though cancer took her life in the end, we were able to provide her family with financial assistance through this very difficult time.
  • A troubled gentleman needing to get into a treatment facility without the means to do so. To date, this individual is out of treatment and taking back control of their life.
  • A family to help cover some medical and living expenses for an individual suffering from third degree burns after a gas explosion in their home.
  • A mother with two children who generously donated her time taking care of the elderly who was to become homeless within weeks. Our donation helped pay for her to find a new home to carry on her good will and to provide for her family.
  • To a community advocacy program that needed funding toward an initial six-month lease for a new office next to the local food bank. Other local charities matched our gift. This program helps individuals originally from Latin and South America in dealing with government entities where they can apply to receive housing and other benefits that are difficult to acquire due to language barriers or other hurdles.
  • To a proud mother with a special needs child. She needed to pay a large, delinquent power bill to get back into their home after some significant financial difficulty and tumult in their lives. She was insistent that the financial assistance be in the form of a loan that she could pay back.